There is a huge range of education, training and employment opportunities within Customized Training Services to EVERYONE who leaves school.

We are here to offer advice and support so that you can choose a direction that leads to a fulfilled life 😁

Life is like a CV, it’s full of experiences and your proudest achievements. So make decisions that you would be proud to add to your life CV, and make every moment count!

We have supported school leavers in the following ways;

– Applying for tech/college.
– Completing student finance applications.
– Choosing a training organisation.
– Boosting their CV with fast training.
– Finding a job.
– Plus much more!

PM or call 02871382260 to hear more about what support is available to you.

2 thoughts on “LEAVING SCHOOL?! ✏️

    • eugenek says:

      You can enrol TODAY just call our office on 028 7138 2260. The team will be happy to answer any questions you might have. Thanks CTS

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